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You have questions, we have answers. Find information below or reach out to our franchise development team to learn more about the Jimmy John’s® franchise opportunity.



We aren’t mind readers, but this isn’t our first time around the sandwich franchise block. We have a hunch the topics below are at the top of your list.

frequently asked questions

What are the financial qualifications needed to franchise with Jimmy John’s?

Candidates will need $200,000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $1,000,000 to open up to 3 units.

What qualities is Jimmy John’s looking for in a franchisee?

Here’s the shortlist: capable, competitive, genuine, and community-minded. Listen, you must have a love for our sandwiches, a devotion to our customers, and the need to “crush it” every day. You have experience leading teams and following systems. Essentially, you take comfort in a roadmap. Oh, and you’re financially qualified to make this kind of investment in your future. 

What are Jimmy Johns incentives for 2023–2025?

With our new development incentives, opening your first store in 2023 will get you 0% royalty for the first
12 months and additional royalty discounts through the 3rd year.


We are offering:


$25,000 credit on the initial Franchise Fee with 3 years of discounted royalty fees for opening in 2023–2025: 0% year 1, 2% year 2, 4% year 3, 6% for the remainder. (Regular Franchise fees are $35,000 for your first store, and $30,000 each additional store.)

0% for 6 additional months if you beat your development commitment opening date by at least 3 months.

$5,000 in IFF credit for deals signed by March 1 and open by end of 2023.


Refer to the current Jimmy John’s Franchise Disclosure Document for complete details on our incentives.


How much does it cost to open a Jimmy John’s location?

The franchise fee for a traditional Jimmy John’s restaurant is $30,000 – $35,000, with a total initial investment ranging from $316,100  $558,600.  

Am I required to reside in or near the area I’m interested in developing?

Yes. Either you or your operations partner must reside in the market in which you are operating. 

How many employees do I need?

Jimmy John’s restaurants typically have 3 certified managers for each location, 6-8 delivery drivers, and 10-15 hourly employees to make sandwiches.

Does Jimmy John’s offer financing?

Jimmy John’s does not offer direct or indirect financing and will not guarantee your note, lease, or other obligation. Jimmy John’s maintains a preferred list of lenders. We are listed on the Franchise Registry list as an approved SBA-Franchise. 

How long does it take to open a restaurant?

We estimate it will be 9 – 12 months after you sign the Franchise Agreement before you open your doors, but the timeframe could be longer depending on a variety of factors, including your diligence in the site selection and leasing processes, and existing market conditions.

What type of initial training and support does Jimmy John’s offer?

Real Estate: Within 48 hours of signing on as a franchisee, a real estate manager will reach out to you, and they know exactly what to look for in your market. 


Construction: Whether building, remodeling, or relocating, we assist you with store design, contractor selections and equipment orders. 


Training: This is typically a 4-week combination of classroom training and hands-on, in-store management training. Jimmy John’s has certified training stores in 24 cities! 


Marketing: We assist with national media buying, local advertising, social media, customer service, and PR. You’ll also have access to a marketing hotline! 


Operations: A proprietary POS system and an opening specialist ensure smooth operations on day one; after that the Field Sales Force team checks in regularly. 


Purchasing: Top supplier relationships help provide stores with the highest quality products at the best prices. We also manage nationwide distribution and R&D.

How important is community involvement?

We’ve found that our most successful franchisees are those who love their communities. They have, or they are willing to create relationships with community leaders, schools, local sports teams, local charities… and really, anyone who enjoys a fresh, high-quality sandwich. When franchisees show their communities love via sponsorships and other types of involvement, those communities return the love with long-term loyalty. 


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For a limited time, we are offering significant incentives for new store development commitments for 2023–2025.


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